Sharyland Utilities customers can now make their retail choice for the May 1, 2014 changeover.  At that time, Sharyland Utilities will become just the lines and meters service provider.  Sharyland Utilities customer, you are required to choose an Energy Retail Provider. We are one of those that is vying for your business. And yes, our service is available for any deregulated area that has a choice!

Why choose us – Ambit Energy?

1. Ambit has a contract with one of the largest providers of energy in the world and do not have to compete for energy on the open market like most retailers do.

2. Ambit is a debt-free company. There are retailers in Texas that are on the verge of bankruptcy. Choose a company that is financially stable, thus offering you consistent low rates.

3. We do not mark up the TDU charge. For most of you, that is a new term. Most retailers mark up the TDU charge. The TDU charge is passed from the company that delivers the power – in your case will be Sharyland Utilities.

4. No bait and switch! You’ll know in advance what you will be paying per Kilowatt OVERALL! Most retailers offer you an energy price per Kilowatt – that is the rate they will charge you for a kilowatt of electricity – BUT, they will hide the TDU costs per Kilowatt which they normally markup. We give you the TOTAL charge per Kilowatt with delivery included!

5. FREE ELECTRICITY!! Ambit is the only company able to give you the free electricity opportunity EVERY MONTH without limitations – not just a one time referral fee. As a customer, you are able to refer your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to your personal customer website. Keep 15 customers and Ambit Energy takes the average of those off your bill EVERY MONTH! For many, that’s a tax free $1,000 to $2,000 a year raise!

6.  Texas-based – In 7 years reached 1.2 million customers in 11 states with 1 billion in sales! Ambit has one of the most advanced patented IT systems in the industry that is here to serve you and Ambit Energy’s consultants. Our consultants and customer service folks speak your language TEXAN! Ambit is here to stay!

Tips on Choosing a Retail Energy Provider

We want you as a customer!  Call us at 1-877-631-8875 to speak to a real person  or check rates and signup here NOW.

Interested in owning your own energy business?

You can live anywhere and be in the business. Part-time or full-time, supplemental or replacement income, that is up to you! Attend a live one hour, no obligation webcast. Then become your own first customer! Click here to register for the next webcast.

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