lite-upThe Electric Utility Assistance program from the state  of Texas, Lite-Up Texas, has ended with the August billing. This will create huge bills for many low income families that are not aware of the rate they are being charged for electricity – or that the assistance program is ending. Unfortunately for many low income participants, the energy retailer they are signed with is charging an exorbitant rate, unnoticed due to the discount. With the discount no longer in place, these families will find a surprise in their next billing statement.

If you are one of these families, or know someone on the program, take a look at the bill and check what the effective overall rate is. To do this, take the total amount, add the discount back to the total, then divide that total amount by the number of Kilowatts used for the month. This will give the total kWH rate for electricity. If that number is over 10 cents a kilowatt, a cheaper rate is definitely available in most all Texas markets.

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