So I went to an interview for a job yesterday. When the boss asked what I wanted for compensation, I replied:

1) First I would like commission on everything I sign up, & I want to see that percentage get even higher as I improve.

2) I would also like the opportunity to receive free trips, bonuses paid in full, a monthly residual payout, with a chance to earn matching bonuses to pay for a new car, and free marketing materials on my free website provided by the company.

3) I expect you to provide me with free online training and regional training all over the world.

4) When I bring in any new marketing people, I deserve a bonus and to be compensated a percentage of their commissions and the commissions of any new people they bring in.

5) I would like the opportunity to rapidly advance within the company.

6) When I do well, I expect lots of recognition, and more bonuses. Did I mention all-expense paid trips for me and my spouse?

7) I would like my friends and family to work here.

8) By the way, I need to set my own schedule and only work when it suits me and my family.

9)And last but not least I want advanced HUGE commissions and bonuses the first 30 days for my friends.

So when can I start?

After the boss recovered from shock, he roared with laughter and said, “You must be sick in the head, or dreaming. You will NEVER find an opportunity like that anywhere and if you do, come back and get me, cause I want to work there too”

So I gave him my business card!

This may not be for you- if not, pass it on. Self starter? This is a business you can do. Consider where you want to be in 5 years – doing the same thing you’re doing now, or would you rather be in control of your own time and money?

Billion dollar company, over a million customers, debt free Texas based, 17 states and now we are international – open in JAPAN and in Alberta Canada!

Watch the intro here, and then follow through with the videos on this page (There are four videos on this page.) In Canada- CLICK HERE  In Japan – CLICK HERE.

Once you have finished the 4 videos (about 20 minutes), please watch the video at this link: with my friends Millionaire Shawn Cornett and Jordan Buckingham, former Petroleum Engineer.

Got QUESTIONS?   Here are some more videos to answer some of you questions! Click here.

Once you’re done – let’s get started!



CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED in CANADA   Here’s more on the new Canadian Market.

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