Do you live in Northern Indiana? If so, you may be who I’m looking for –

I’m looking for a couple of goal oriented and entrepreneurial minded individuals who know they are meant for more but haven’t yet found the combination of timing, opportunity and leadership to deliver results. My business partners range from those who have yet to attempt anything outside of punching a clock for a paycheck to those who have routinely failed at opportunities in the past. Most often I work with people who can only dedicate part time effort while working around a 9-5 job. Are you maybe the one I’m looking for?

Who I Am…

Indiana NorthI am a PR and Media Consultant turned network marketing professional specializing in creating six figure results without any of the negative stigmas normally associated with network marketing.

After years of looking at multiple projects and jobs, I’m now developing a sales & marketing organization which generates a residual income that fuels a lifestyle of complete time and financial freedom.

So, let me know who you are, where you live and how & when we can speak. Just email me at and get started on the road to financial freedom!