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After having been shot at and been to jail over 22 times, Chris Atkinson shares why it’s NEVER too late. Also Chris reveals why you must develop an attitude of gratitude
Who is Chris Atkinson?

Chris Atkinson has such an amazing story to tell. He’s not only a 7 figure earner who earned over $1.5 million last year and earned over $8 million in his career but the author of “It’s Never Too Late: Creating the Life of Your Dreams” which hit the #1 bestseller for 3 weeks on Wall Street Journal’s Personal Development list.

But Chris’s story is more than that…

When Chris was 38 years old he would be considered a failure in society.

Chris felt the pain of vanished dreams, lack of self-esteem, lost potential and wasted talent.

Chris was ashamed of himself. He had a failed marriage… a child he couldn’t see… bankruptcy… foreclosure… and worse… addiction.

But slowly Chris’ life changed… and today’s show is about an amazing story of transformation.
Favorite Quote

“Nothing is more powerful than the made up mind”
Must Read Book!

It’s Never Too Late: Creating the Life of Your Dreams

The Greatest Miracle in the World