Ambit Ten YearsCheck out this repost from Ambit National Consultant Lane Winsett!

  1. Integrity of Corporate Leadership & Employees

There is no other more important asset that a company or organization has than leadership at the top with integrity

  • The Integrity of corporate leadership and its employees is the very foundation that our company is built on.
  • Integrity is one of the fundamental values that Ambit seeks in the employees that they hire.
  • A person who has integrity honors their values in relationships with coworkers, customers, and consultants every day.
  • Integrity is completeness or soundness.You have integrity if you complete a job even when no one is looking.
  • You have integrity if you keep your word even when no one checks up on you. You have integrity if you keep your promises.
  • Integrity means the absence of duplicity and is the opposite of hypocrisy.
  • If you are a person of integrity, you will do what you say. What you declare, you will do your best to be. Integrity also includes financial accountability, personal reliability, and private purity.
  • A person with integrity does not manipulate others. He or she is not prone to arrogance or self-praise. Integrity even invites constructive and necessary criticism because it applauds accountability.
  • It’s sound. It’s solid. It’s complete.


  1. Ambit’s IT Systems and Integration & Award Winning CIO John Burke

                   Definition – What Does System Integration (SI) mean?

  • System integration (SI) is an IT or engineering process or phase concerned with joining different subsystems or components as one large system. It ensures that each integrated subsystem functions as required.
  • In short what that means is… integrating all the systems and software to operate the company, data entry, accounting, billing, customer service, representative services & tracking… it is an enormous task to pull all those systems together and make them work. Fortunately, we have our CIO John Burke.
  • John Burke is an award winning CIO for his work in leading next generation technology initiatives in areas of virtualization and cloud computing.
  • Burke’s responsibilities include, leading and managing all IT staff, systems and strategy, in addition to the company’s project management organization.
  • John also oversees software development, production support, infrastructure and risk, and all billing and transaction management.

It’s important to note… Ambit Energy, first and foremost is a technological power house whose systems, software and people are directly responsible for the success we enjoy today, and will continue to experience into the future!

  1. Positive Corporate Culture
  • There is a saying “ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING” and Ambit’s management staff in all the different departments work overtime to provide the very best positive work environment for employees to excel in their respective positions.
  • Realizing that a company is only as good as its people, training, promoting from within and empowering employees to be apart in the decision making process are just a few reasons why Ambit is an award winning place to work.
  • Even though Ambit is proud of the Awards it’s received as one of the best places in Dallas Texas to work. The true success of our employees is measured on the happy, positive smiling faces you will get to know during Ambition 2016!
  • Building a foundation of talented, successful and happy employees gives Ambit Energy a strategic advantage in the marketplace and ensures the success of internal operations in supporting the field to perform at its maximum potential.
  1. Empathy for the Field and the Community
  • Empathy is said to be the “Imitative Projection” of you in the other person’s shoes.
  • Ambit is a company with “HEART” it truly cares about its employees, consultants and customers.
  • But just as important, Ambit Energy is concerned about the community, and how collectively we all can make a positive impact on society. Since its inception AMBIT CARES has raised tens of thousands of dollars to fight HUNGER.
  • Something that most of us don’t think about but HUNGER is a real problem in America. 1 in 6 people face hunger in America. 49 million American struggle just to put food on the table. It’s about giving back… realizing that because of our success as a company we can make a difference.
  • Creating a business legacy is just one part of measuring our success as a company. It’s the impact within our communities, the cascading effect we have on society as a whole, the lives we impact and enrich and help because of our success in business. That’s the true measurement of success that Ambit Energy aspires to.
  • We are now and want to continue to be a blessing to so many that are currently going through difficult times and struggles. Over the next ten years Ambit will help hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives by us becoming a portal of giving back to people less fortunate than us. Ambit Energy is a company that truly CARES.
  1. Singleness of Purpose
  • Ambit is a company with focus… and its reflected in or creed or company affirmation; to become “The Finest and Most-Respected Retail Energy Company in America.”
  • This means Ambit Energy is focused on the progressive realization of its worthwhile pre-determined goals.
  • You see… it takes time for true success to unfold, but with an unswerving singleness of purpose and persistence our continued success is guaranteed.
  • We want to do ONE and only ONE thing well… ENERGY! It’s part of our name…and if you think about it, other than God, Country, Health and your Family nothing is more impactful on your daily life than Energy.
  • Ambit Energy is not only participating, but making happen one of the largest transferals of wealth in US history. The deregulation of public utilities will only happen once in our lifetime and unlike the wildcatters in oil and the telecom tycoons of fiber optics this energy boom is here to stay for many generations.
  • By creating a massive footprint of retail energy customers the door is open wide to a future that is unfolding right before our eyes ensuring financial prosperity for our children and grandchildren.
  • That’s why Jere, Chris, John the corporate team and field are so focused on; WHO we are, WHERE we are going, and WHAT the end result will be.
  • We ARE an Energy Dynasty in the making, and every one of you are a part of that history.
  1. Focused on the Future
  • Vision and the ability to forecast the future is based on dreamers. You see dreamers are the merchants of things to come. Jere, Chris and John had a dream of creating a different kind of energy company.
  • They crystallized their dream into a vision with goals, and then took massive action to bring those goals to fruition. Ten years later… a Billion Dollar Company with hundreds of Employees and tens of thousands of Consultants.
  • We are fortunate to have Co-Founders with VISION and focused on the future. Our continued success depends on it and one of the best examples is our relationship with Sunrun Solar. The decision to partner with Sunrun opens new horizons of opportunity for our company and the field to tap into one of the fastest Green Energy movements taking place in the market today.
  • Green Energy is the future and we as a company want to be at the forefront of this expanding industry. This strategic relationship with Sunrun will once again ensure long term growth and profitability for the company and the field.
  • Innovative technologies are changing the way we live and consume energy. Did I say consume? Or did I say residual income?
  • In our lifetime we are about to experience an explosion of electric robots, automobiles, trains, boats, aircraft and yes already drones.
  • Drones that not only take pictures and deliver packages but drones being developed as we speak that will transport people, cargo, medical emergency personnel and of course military applications.
  • All of these applications use batteries and all batteries need to be charged. We really don’t care as much about who produces the energy as much as who will the consumer plug into. We want that final destination of “hook-up” to be Ambit Energy… that’s why we’re focused on the FUTURE!
  1. Innovative and Cutting Edge
  • Never has there EVER been a Multi-Level Marketing company in the 100 plus years of the Direct Sales industry, that had the technical platform and software in place to track, measure and manage your Ambit Energy business.
  • All our systems were built from the ground up internally and are proprietary to our company.
  • What that means for you as a Consultant is Ambit has the ability to enhance, adjust and modify our Information Systems and Software to adapt to a changing environment and not be reliant on a third party.
  • Ambits virtual back office “Power Zone” gives you a hands on ability to measure and manage your Ambit business with real time tracking of your Customers, downline Consultants and Commissions anywhere you have internet access.
  • Ambit continues to provide new and innovative ways for you and your customers to have access across multiple devices to receive information quickly and easily to facilitate Customer and Consultant acquisition and enrollment.
  1. The Best Compensation plan
  • Ambit Energy’s compensation plan in the last ten years, has created more thousand-airs and millionaires than any other multi-level company in history, within that window of time.
  • Ambit Energy’s compensation plan is unique in the marketplace for several reasons.
  • First of all, it’s been tried and tested over the years and been proven in the market place because the focus of our plan is on the acquisition and enrollment of retail energy customers.
  • No compensation is paid or released unless it is attached to the retail sale of an energy customer.
  • Ambit Energy does not pay bonuses or commissions for sponsoring Consultants. We earn compensation in the form of bonuses for helping the new Consultant we sponsor learn how to and acquire a retail energy customer.
  • Once the customer is activated and billed we then are paid a monthly residual bonus or commission on the customer’s monthly consumption or usage whether natural gas, electric or both or in some cases now, I’m happy to say… solar.
  • There are four things that are important to understand about our compensation plan.
  • First, an affordable low cost of entry to start your Ambit Business, our opportunity is within reach of anyone that is looking to become an entrepreneur and own their own business.
  • Second, the ability to earn immediate weekly income and work toward receiving the initial entry enrollment fee back quickly.
  • Third, the ability to get paid a monthly long term residual income on the billing of energy customers personally acquired by you and your down-line organization.
  • Fourth, and most important… Ambit Energy’s compensation plan contains what I call an… “Exponential Growth Component” it means as you build your organization and promote through our plan you will start to receive compensation through multiple streams of income to unlimited levels.
  • As a proud member of Ambit’s Millionaire Club, I know first-hand the income earning capacity of Ambit’s compensation plan.
  • But the true success story behind Ambit’s compensation plan is the of thousands of people that receive enough money each month on a part-time basis, to maybe pay their mortgage or car payment or pay for their children’s education. The impact on a family’s standard of living is dramatically changed when an additional $500 to a $ 1000 dollars is earned a month.
  • I’ve been in the Direct Sales industry for over 25 years and can truthfully say; there is no other compensation plan in the market place that out performs Ambit Energy in any capacity. That includes both weekly income as well as long term residual income potential.
  • I will personally predict, that over the next ten years Ambit Energy will create more millionaires and multi-millionaires than potentially any other company in the history of America!
  1. Company Designed Around the Consultant
  • It’s Important to understand that Ambit Energy is a company that was founded on the principle that the Consultant is the nucleus of its business, meaning that the very core of Ambit Energy is us…the Consultant.
  • Why is that so important to understand? Because the success of the company relies on the principle of acquiring a loyal retail energy customer at a low cost of acquisition.
  • Ambit elected to use a warm market direct sales approach in acquiring retail energy customers because of a couple of reasons. First… using advertising, direct mail or let’s say billboard advertising is very expensive and it’s the customer who ultimately pays for that marketing strategy in higher rates.
  • Using a warm market direct sales approach bypasses the middle man and the commission or fees that would normally be paid to advertising companies are paid to us only after the sale is made. This is important to note that the cost of customer acquisition is kept low which allows savings that can be passed onto the consumer.
  • Plus, people tend to want to do business with people they know… and that’s the personal glue that binds which creates a loyal customer base, which intern creates a guarantee long term residual income.
  • The Goose that lays the Golden Eggs “Customers” is the Consultant. That’s why the company invest so much in “US”. All the systems, training, promotions, recognition and events are all put in place to ensure that we achieve the highest level of success possible.
  1. Building a Company Dynasty, the Next 10 Years
  • There are very few opportunities in life where you are truly in the right place at the right time. I know that sounds cliché but today where you sit and the very fact you are in attendance at Ambition 2016 our Tenth annual convention means you are already part of a history making event.
  • Some are here for the first time… others have attended several times and still few like myself have been privileged to be at that very first one.
  • That too was a history making event. Mainly because most of our dreams of success were rooted in faith and hope that we could rise to the challenge. That we could achieve our goals and accomplish something that had never been done before. Create the largest and most successful direct sales energy company in America.
  • You see all we had at the time to share with people was… we’re gonna do this, and we’re gonna do that! Not many people want to believe or invest their time or money in a start up company with no track record or success under their belt.
  • In the beginning, the only thing we could hang on to was our trust in the co-founders, raw enthusiasm and a dream and vision of what was to come to share with others.
  • But as we focused on the end result, and we met our many challenges head on, we started to acquire some true believers. We began to believe that YES we can succeed…and as momentum increased and the successes continued; those from the beginning realized that “YES” we were at the Alamo at that first Ambition and we crossed the line never to look back on the failures of the past.
  • So look at us now… A BILLION-dollar company and growing with hundreds of employees with tens of thousands of Consultants and over a million retail energy customers. Awards and accolades, million and multi-million-dollar income earners.
  • Recognized by our peers as one of the most respected Direct Sales organizations in America and all of this accomplished by a few pioneers crossing the line at the Alamo… that first Ambition and choosing FREEDOM and not the status quo.
  • For those who don’t know the history of our great state, at the Alamo, on March 6th 1836 Col. William B. Travis realizing that no reinforcements were coming to fight pulled out his saber an asked a few brave volunteers to cross a line in the sand to fight to the death for Texas independence.
  • If those brave volunteers wouldn’t have crossed the line at the Alamo that day, you or I wouldn’t probably be here today. That one decision to cross the line changed history; and created the tipping point toward Texas independence. “Remember the Alamo!” … became the battle cry of victory at San Jacinto!
  • So today, no matter how long you’ve been in Ambit…one day, six months…three years, or now ten … TODAY, you can make a decision and commitment to cross the line.
  • There is always a price for freedom… are you will to pay the price over the next ten years?
  • If you elect to do so…  you will not only make history with our great company, but with your family’s legacy, and with your dynasty toward personal success.